3 Reasons Used Car Parts Make More Sense Than Ever Before

A special thrill comes from hunting for the perfect part for your car in a scrap yard. You get to find a replacement part for your vehicle at a drastically reduced cost, and you get the satisfaction of pulling the part with your own two hands. However, the experience alone is far from the only reason to consider using used parts to maintain or repair your car.

While used parts have always been a great value, they're arguably more important now than ever. If you haven't considered buying used before, here are three great reasons you may want to start now.

1. Inflating Prices

It's no secret that inflation is affecting the automotive industry. As the price of everything goes up, brand-new auto parts are becoming more expensive. If you're used to browsing through your local auto store for replacement car parts, you might find yourself walking away with a severe case of sticker shock.

Fortunately, buying used is a great way to beat inflation. Used parts are naturally cheaper than new ones and are not as vulnerable to supply chain issues and other problems driving inflation. As a result, you can get a quality part without paying highly inflated prices for a new one.

2. Sophisticated Components

Inflation isn't the only reason that auto parts cost more. Modern vehicles use drastically more sophisticated components than the cars of the past. Simple items such as water pumps, alternators, and power steering pumps are now much more complex, often with sophisticated electronic controls that can drastically increase the price.

While you can't avoid buying these more advanced parts for your car, you can take some of the sting out by avoiding the higher prices you'll often find at the dealership. Buying used gets you the same high-tech component for your car at a fraction of the price.

3. Long Delays

Unfortunately, supply chain issues continue to affect many parts of the country, including the automotive market. New parts may often be on backorder for days, weeks, months, or longer. If you need to get your car back on the road, waiting too long for a crucial part is often out of the question. The problem may be particularly severe for popular models or common failure points.

The good news is that there's rarely a shortage of donor cars with used parts available. Going used can be a great option if you can't source a part that you need to get your car back on the road. Instead of sitting around waiting or paying for a costly car rental while your car is out of commission, you can quickly get a new (to you) part and start driving again.

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