Ways To Save On Heavy-Duty Semitrucks

Purchasing a semitruck is a major investment, with the investment sometimes seeming as large as the truck itself. If you're a savvy shopper, however, there are ways to save on a heavy-duty semitruck.

Purchase a Pre-Owned Commercial Truck

All vehicles depreciate with time, and this is especially true with large work vehicles such as semitrucks. The amount that a truck depreciates is greatest when the truck is new, for this is when its value is the highest and thus can drop the most. You can take advantage of depreciation by purchasing a truck that's already depreciated significantly. Pre-owned trucks have much lower price tags than comparable new ones, because they've depreciated for each year that they've been driven. Moreover, you don't have to necessarily purchase an old truck in order to take advantage of depreciation. Many semitrucks that are just a few years old, and still have many years of reliable service left, are priced substantially below their brand-new counterparts.

Skip the Restroom and Kitchen Amenities

The fanciest semitrucks are akin to mobile apartments. They don't just have a driver's seat and passenger's seat, but also a bed, toilet, shower, and kitchenette. While they certainly are nice to have, most aren't essential, and they all increase the cost of a truck. You probably do want a semitruck with a bed in it if you're regularly spending nights on the road. You'll save time and fuel by not having to drive to a motel each night, and you also won't have to pay for a motel room each night. The bed will increase the truck's cost some, but it'll pay for itself over time. Bathroom and kitchen amenities aren't so essential. You'll have to stop for fuel periodically, and all truck stops have public restrooms available. Many have showers that you can use as well. A kitchen is somewhat harder to replace, but you can make do with a microwave and hotplate that you plug into the dash yourself. A cooler is a practical alternative for a refrigerator. By forgoing these bathroom and kitchen features, you'll reduce the upfront sales price of a semitruck. You'll also have fewer ongoing maintenance expenses, for each feature, other than a bed, has parts that can wear out and have to be replaced. Redoing the water pump that's used for a toilet and shower is a non-essential expense that adds to maintenance costs.

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