The Benefits Of Donating Your Car

When you have a car you want to get rid of, you probably do what everyone else does; try to sell it. Here is a new idea; why do you not donate your car? Sure, you will not get any money for it, but there are other benefits involved:

You Get a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

Usually, when you donate a car, it is for a good cause. If you are a fairly normal human being, donating stuff to charities gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling. If you are feeling really blue or depressed, donate your car on that day. It will change your whole mood around.

You Get a Tax Relief Receipt

Anything you donate, car or otherwise, gets you a tax relief receipt. Enough donations in a single year cut down on the amount of taxes you have to pay to the IRS or increases your refund. In short, it is like selling the car because of the tax relief. The only difference here is that you are relieving both yourself of financial responsibility while benefiting someone impoverished or in need.

You Are a Superhero for Changing the Lives of Others

Well, maybe not a superhero, but your car donation does impact someone's life immensely. If you donate it to a church, the priest or pastor has transportation, or a missionary family has transportation when they return home. If you donate it to an adolescent rehabilitation ranch, your donated vehicle will teach the teens important skills that lead to good-paying jobs. If you donate the car to a local charity, the charity gives it someone who does not have a car and needs one desperately to rise above welfare programs. It is not money in your pocket, but it is making the world better for others.

How Your Car Is Approved and Accepted for Donation

It helps if your car is actually running, but for many of the above programs, it is not a requirement. Usually, the charity to which you donate cars asks you to visit a mechanic to verify any problems. You take the estimate for repairs and the vehicle back to the charity. The charity weighs the value of the car against the repairs needed (if applicable) and then gives you a donation receipt for the car's value minus repairs. You walk out with all of the above benefits, and the charity continues to do good work in your community.

Contact a company like American Relief Foundation for more information and assistance.