Purchasing A Freightliner Truck: Two Tips

Once you've gotten enough retailers to place large purchase orders for your products, determining how you'll deliver them is the next step. Purchasing a used freightliner truck will enable you to best control your deliveries and the timetable for getting products to customers. If freightliner trucks are new to you, consider these tips.

Don't Start Looking Without a Loan

You probably have set some money aside for a freightliner, but even if you've saved a great deal, you're likely to require a loan of some kind in order to make the purchase. In addition, it might be more reasonable to secure a loan so that you don't spend thousands and thousands of dollars only to end up unable to have repairs done or make other purchases if necessary.

Your local bank is a smart place to begin your loan search, but discuss your needs with many lenders in the area. Your company might be eligible for discounts or incentives that bring down the overall loan cost. If you're told you are cleared for more money than you expect you'll need, don't immediately turn it down. Consider whether you could use those extra funds for a newer used model or other freightliner-related improvements.

Sit in It and Drive

The outside of a freightliner can seem impressive, but you have to be sure that it is comfortable and safe for you or your drivers to have on local streets and highways. When you first settle yourself in the cab, stop and look around. Is the roof saggy or stained from leaks? Is the seating uncomfortable or ripped? Minor issues, like seat tears, could be fixed, but if there are multiple signals that the freightliner's interior hasn't been maintained well, make it a point to be extremely vigilant about checking out the condition of the engine, suspension and other parts.

When test-driving the freightliner, pay special attention to the following:

  • Overall Visibility
  • Making Turns
  • Strange sounds
  • Rough riding

The engine should get a great deal of attention. Look for smoke and listen for banging, knocking or growling sounds when you start up the freightliner and look beneath the hood and on the ground for signs of any leaking.

A freightliner purchase is a sign that your business is doing well. With these tips, you can buy a truck that won't cause problems just as your company is beginning to expand. Visit freightliner dealers for more guidance.